Locker Love

My love for old metal lockers was realized when we first purchased our home.  Shortly after signing away our savings  we realized our new little nest had virtually no storage on the first floor.  Vintage metal lockers are the perfect cure for this home affliction.  I searched long and hard for the perfect set and about a year ago I thought I had found them.  One snowy day while perusing the very large antique store in which I spend my weekends, I noticed the most beautiful set of turquoise lockers tucked away in a well hidden spot.  I immediately called my mom who helped lug them to the truck and then into my house.  Needless to say, I had found the perfect lockers for the wrong house.  I hung onto the set for a few days testing them in my foyer and then in my dining room, but there was no hope.  My blue beauties were just too big for our pint-sized abode.  Back to the store they went leaving me lockerless.

I still have high hopes for a set of these in the future, potentially to be used for storage in child’s room…I guess in the meantime these images will suffice.


Blood & Champagne

blood and champagne

Blood & Champagne




Tell Her She’s Dreaming

tell her shes dreaming


Sundance Lockers



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