Mr. B’s Luminaries is a sweet little candle operation run by an adorable family, with some serious style. The idea for Mr. B’s was conceived shortly after the husband and wife team had their first child. The duo began crafting pretty little handmade candles as gifts for loved ones using empty baby food jars.

Mr. B’s uses only the finest fair trade products including french lavender, rosemary citrus, eucalyptus, fir, cedar, and lemon grass. In addition, the family uses US organic soy wax to create these all natural little luxuries.

Be sure to check them out here. Their website is quite dreamy, so be prepared to stay awhile.  Also, it appears they are opening a shop in San Diego for all you folks in the area.

I ordered one candle this morning to get my collection started! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Great gifts for the holidays!

*if you are a user of Instagram, follow Mr. B’s @mrbsluminaries.  Believe me, they won’t disappoint!

Mr B


Great Pretenders

If the idea of time-consuming and labor intensive wall writing makes you shiver, these great pretenders just might do the trick.  Script wallpaper is an option which will yield the same look and feel without all the planning and man hours associated with the handwritten displays featured in yesterday’s post.

Script Sewn Text - Tracy Kendall

Midsummer Night’s – Anthropologie


Script by Albany – Wallpaper Direct



Perfect Picnic

I am definitely not a summer girl.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year, especially here in New England.  I’m thinking it might be nice to arrange a simple fall picnic with my girlfriends.  Everyone is so busy these days we hardly ever have time to catch up.  A small outdoor soirée would be the perfect excuse to take in the season and enjoy each other’s company.  




1. Orange Philco Speaker  2. Moto Boots  3. A Peace Treaty Scarf  4.  Bush Picnic Rug 

5.  Thermos Bottle  6.  Picnic Basket

Not Your Grandma’s Folding Chairs

Let me start by setting the scene…you’re awating company, you’ve cleaned your home for what seems like hours, cooked a divine meal, and set a gorgeous table, only to ruin it all by pulling out those dingy metal hand-me-down folding chairs.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.  Say goodbye to those rusty old basement dwellers and hello to these seriously stylish seats.

Folding Chairs

1. Lina Leather   2. Ballard’s Cafe   3.  Fab 60’s   4. Soma Classics

5.  Anthropologie   6.  Ikea   7.  Country Casual

Get It While it’s HOT!


Now that I’ve finally mastered Adobe Elements…and I use the term “mastered” lightly, I bring to you the buyers guide for my little foyer. While most of these items aren’t the exact items featured in my space (as some of them were found objects), they are pretty darn close.

1. Kilim Rug – Pottery Barn

2. Mache Stag – West Elm

3. Milk Glass Lamp – Pottery Barn

4. Metal “D” – Land of Nod (Similar letters can also be found at Restoration Hardware)

5. Gymnasium Clock – Polyvore

6. Terracotta Pot – ebay