Building or in this Case Rebuilding a Bathroom

When we moved into our home one of our two bathrooms was in pretty bad shape.  The previous owners had remodeled the upstairs bathroom, but left the bathroom available to guests untouched.  Unfortunately, this bathroom is one of the first stops visitors make upon entering our home.  Somehow I managed to leave that restroom as found for two years before asking my big cousin to work his magic (he is a marvelous contractor).  When it was go time I knew exactly what I wanted, clean, timeless, and clean…did I say that twice?!?  Prior to renovation, the guest bathroom had a constant smell of still old water which was enough to make my skin crawl.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any images of this particular bathroom prior to our remodel, but was able to find an image of our upstairs bathroom which was left behind by the previous homeowner.  Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly when it comes to our home, the upstairs bathroom seemed to be just as terrible prior to its remodel.  For this reason, I felt using the image interchangeably would suffice.


Our guest bathroom is quite small and for that reason I chose to use light colors.  Also, this helps to make the space feel airy as it contains no true windows.  I knew I wanted to incorporate white subway tile in our little bathroom but couldn’t seem to figure out just where it would fit best.  In the end, we were able to find a durable white subway tile appropriate to use for flooring. I opted for brushed bronze fixtures throughout the bathroom to keep my home true to its age.  I chose a light fixture with beautiful milk glass shades.  Finally, as mentioned earlier, the space has no windows, as it sits in the middle of our home.  To eliminate the cramped claustrophobic feel, we installed a small stained glass window above the shower to give the illusion that it boarders the outdoors.






Pretty Paper

These days wallpaper gets a bad rap. When considering wallpaper, most might remember the musty old floral and plaid paper adorning their great aunts walls. Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper can be quite pretty. If done right, pretty papers can make a room by helping to define a space or add some texture and warmth. The following designs are just a few I’m loving at the moment. Wouldn’t the last two be so sweet in a little girl’s room?


Source Unknown


Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor




Burke Decor





Out with the Old and in with the New-ish

When deciding to purchase our home, we knew we would have many “labors of love”.  While the remodeling of our foyer was not our first, it has definitely been our favorite improvement to date.

Originally, upon entering our quaint New England doll house guests were greeted by the eyesore photographed below.

ImageImage After revealing some beautiful wainscoting and applying a great deal of elbow grease, a friendly and inviting space was created to welcome friends and family into our home.

White was featured as the main color to assist in constructing a calm environment.  Vintage, found items were mixed with modern pieces to catapult the space into the 21st century, while maintaining the home’s 19th century feel.


Image(I apologize for the poor quality of the last photo)

Stay tuned for the Deegan Foyer Buyer’s Guide!!