Mr. B’s Luminaries is a sweet little candle operation run by an adorable family, with some serious style. The idea for Mr. B’s was conceived shortly after the husband and wife team had their first child. The duo began crafting pretty little handmade candles as gifts for loved ones using empty baby food jars.

Mr. B’s uses only the finest fair trade products including french lavender, rosemary citrus, eucalyptus, fir, cedar, and lemon grass. In addition, the family uses US organic soy wax to create these all natural little luxuries.

Be sure to check them out here. Their website is quite dreamy, so be prepared to stay awhile.  Also, it appears they are opening a shop in San Diego for all you folks in the area.

I ordered one candle this morning to get my collection started! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Great gifts for the holidays!

*if you are a user of Instagram, follow Mr. B’s @mrbsluminaries.  Believe me, they won’t disappoint!

Mr B


Great Pretenders

If the idea of time-consuming and labor intensive wall writing makes you shiver, these great pretenders just might do the trick.  Script wallpaper is an option which will yield the same look and feel without all the planning and man hours associated with the handwritten displays featured in yesterday’s post.

Script Sewn Text - Tracy Kendall

Midsummer Night’s – Anthropologie


Script by Albany – Wallpaper Direct



Oversized Ode to Love

I have a weakness for pretty lettering.  To me, nothing compares to beautifully handwritten correspondence.  There is something so special about the handwritten quotes and love letters below, which have been creatively featured as wall art.    I would love to have the lyrics to our wedding song (Ray LaMontange – You are the Best Thing) or the letters we drafted for each other on our wedding day carefully drawn on our bedroom wall.  Words so sweet and so true, would act as a great reminder each morning upon waking and each night before closing our eyes.




Two Weeks

It has been 2 weeks since my father left this earth, suddenly, with no notice, leaving no opportunity to say goodbye, tell him I love him, or how thankful I am for the wonderful life he gave me.  For the past few days I’ve grappled with myself over writing this post.  The thought of a post so personal didn’t really sit well, but neither did simply returning to blogging as usual as if I had been away on holiday or simply busied with everyday life.  In the coming days, weeks, months, and decades I will see my father in many places.  My father’s image will be with me every time I look in the mirror, whenever I see my brother and of course down the road when we both have children.  Memories of my father’s larger than life personality will come flooding back with every passing R. Kelly song (weird, I know) or poorly timed politically incorrect joke.  I look forward to experiencing those moments with a warm heart knowing I spent 27 mostly great years with such a unique, kind, and fun-loving dad.

me and dad sleeping

me and dad

me and dad 2


Craving a Cottage

Welcome!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I sure did…at least until we found out that our hot water heater must be replaced.  We knew coming into this that owning an old home comes with a lot of upkeep.  But these past couple months have really proved that statement true.  It was only a few short months ago that we discovered a leak in our roof which resulted in ceiling repairs and a new roof.  As they say, when it rains it pours.  All of these unfortunate realities make me long for simple little cottage in the country.  One room, no fuss, that is all this girl needs.

source unknown 1

No Source

no source

No Source

my design chic

Design Chic

centsational girl

Centsational Girl

Casa Cara

Casa Cara



Building or in this Case Rebuilding a Bathroom

When we moved into our home one of our two bathrooms was in pretty bad shape.  The previous owners had remodeled the upstairs bathroom, but left the bathroom available to guests untouched.  Unfortunately, this bathroom is one of the first stops visitors make upon entering our home.  Somehow I managed to leave that restroom as found for two years before asking my big cousin to work his magic (he is a marvelous contractor).  When it was go time I knew exactly what I wanted, clean, timeless, and clean…did I say that twice?!?  Prior to renovation, the guest bathroom had a constant smell of still old water which was enough to make my skin crawl.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any images of this particular bathroom prior to our remodel, but was able to find an image of our upstairs bathroom which was left behind by the previous homeowner.  Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly when it comes to our home, the upstairs bathroom seemed to be just as terrible prior to its remodel.  For this reason, I felt using the image interchangeably would suffice.


Our guest bathroom is quite small and for that reason I chose to use light colors.  Also, this helps to make the space feel airy as it contains no true windows.  I knew I wanted to incorporate white subway tile in our little bathroom but couldn’t seem to figure out just where it would fit best.  In the end, we were able to find a durable white subway tile appropriate to use for flooring. I opted for brushed bronze fixtures throughout the bathroom to keep my home true to its age.  I chose a light fixture with beautiful milk glass shades.  Finally, as mentioned earlier, the space has no windows, as it sits in the middle of our home.  To eliminate the cramped claustrophobic feel, we installed a small stained glass window above the shower to give the illusion that it boarders the outdoors.