DIY Mini Centerpieces


Welcome back!  I  know it has been a while.  This past weekend I was honored to create mini centerpieces for a dear friend’s baby shower.  She is having a baby girl, so lots of pink and purple were in order.  I thought I would share with you my typical arranging method.

What you will need:

1 mason jar or small flower vessel

floral clippers

fresh-cut flowers


chicken wire/floral tape

flower food

1)  Select your desired floral vessel.  For this project I just pint-sized mason jars, as they are mini in stature.  Then choose your greens and florals.

2) Fill your 3/4 of your vessel with a mixture consisting of water and flower food.

3) If your vessel has a large mouth, create a grid at the top of the container using chicken wire or floral tape.  This grid will be used to keep the arrangement in place.  For this project, I did not create a grid, because the mouth of my jars were small keeping the flower stems tight and in place.

4) To begin, trim your greenery to a desired length.  The shorter the stem, the more tightly packed the arrangement.  The longer the stems, the looser the arrangement.  Personally, I like the look of looser arrangements with greater movement.  Typically when creating floral arrangements I opt for 3 different types of greenery.  The more greenery used, the less pricey the arrangement as greens tend to run cheaper than flowers.

Processed with VSCOcam

5) Once your greens are placed, begin trimming your focal flowers (cut stems on a diagonal to assist in the drinking process).  Your focal flower is generally the largest flower in your arrangement.  For this arrangement, pink peonies were used. Usually in petite arrangements only one stem of your focal flower is needed.  In this case, I used two as I had one fuchsia and one light pink peony remaining from the baby shower project.  If working with a larger vessel, you may want to consider using additional focal flower stems (3 or 5).  Odd numbers are always best.

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6) After placing your focal flowers begin preparing your secondary flowers.  These florers are your small blooms.  For this arrangement a variety of spray roses were selected as well as a sweet mini gerbra daisy.  A soft hybrid mum was also used, though it is not in view in these images.

Processed with VSCOcam

7)  Start trimming and adding details to your centerpiece.  These details can be in the form of nuts or berries, colorful sprigs of lavender or neutral strands of wheat.  As a general rule, I like to include 2-3 details as they tend to add interest and texture to your creation.

Processed with VSCOcam

*my sincere apologies for the iPhone pictures and lack of manicure.


Building or in this Case Rebuilding a Bathroom

When we moved into our home one of our two bathrooms was in pretty bad shape.  The previous owners had remodeled the upstairs bathroom, but left the bathroom available to guests untouched.  Unfortunately, this bathroom is one of the first stops visitors make upon entering our home.  Somehow I managed to leave that restroom as found for two years before asking my big cousin to work his magic (he is a marvelous contractor).  When it was go time I knew exactly what I wanted, clean, timeless, and clean…did I say that twice?!?  Prior to renovation, the guest bathroom had a constant smell of still old water which was enough to make my skin crawl.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any images of this particular bathroom prior to our remodel, but was able to find an image of our upstairs bathroom which was left behind by the previous homeowner.  Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly when it comes to our home, the upstairs bathroom seemed to be just as terrible prior to its remodel.  For this reason, I felt using the image interchangeably would suffice.


Our guest bathroom is quite small and for that reason I chose to use light colors.  Also, this helps to make the space feel airy as it contains no true windows.  I knew I wanted to incorporate white subway tile in our little bathroom but couldn’t seem to figure out just where it would fit best.  In the end, we were able to find a durable white subway tile appropriate to use for flooring. I opted for brushed bronze fixtures throughout the bathroom to keep my home true to its age.  I chose a light fixture with beautiful milk glass shades.  Finally, as mentioned earlier, the space has no windows, as it sits in the middle of our home.  To eliminate the cramped claustrophobic feel, we installed a small stained glass window above the shower to give the illusion that it boarders the outdoors.





Oh the Joy of Feeling Defeated…

After spending many hours fumbling around in Adobe Elements attempting to create my “Deegan’s Foyer” buyer’s guide, I am back to square one. I think its safe to say I’m feeling defeated.

In the meantime, I thought this wainscoting tutorial might be of interest to all of daring DIYers (the DIY Network is always so helpful.

As for my buyers guide…there is always tomorrow.