Facile Flora

I love the feel of live plants in the home though I am quite terrible at live plant care.  Low maintenance plants such as succulents, airplants, and ferns are great options for us hurried horticulturists.  Since these plants require so little care, creative options are abundant.

apartment therapyApartment Therapy

PoppytalkPoppy Talk

DearestnatureDearest Nature





Jockin’ a JuJu

Elaborate headdresses traditionally worn by village chiefs in Cameroon, African Juju hats have found their place in the hearts of interior decorators throughout the world.  I must say, I am smitten with the juju. Whether bright and bold or neutral and subdued, a juju can flatter the drabbest of rooms.  The soft intricate hats are an easy way to add texture and interest to any space in your home or office.


Jean AllsopJean Allsop

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RocketStGeorgeRockett St. George

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WaitingOnMarthaWaiting On Martha


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Locker Love

My love for old metal lockers was realized when we first purchased our home.  Shortly after signing away our savings  we realized our new little nest had virtually no storage on the first floor.  Vintage metal lockers are the perfect cure for this home affliction.  I searched long and hard for the perfect set and about a year ago I thought I had found them.  One snowy day while perusing the very large antique store in which I spend my weekends, I noticed the most beautiful set of turquoise lockers tucked away in a well hidden spot.  I immediately called my mom who helped lug them to the truck and then into my house.  Needless to say, I had found the perfect lockers for the wrong house.  I hung onto the set for a few days testing them in my foyer and then in my dining room, but there was no hope.  My blue beauties were just too big for our pint-sized abode.  Back to the store they went leaving me lockerless.

I still have high hopes for a set of these in the future, potentially to be used for storage in child’s room…I guess in the meantime these images will suffice.


Blood & Champagne

blood and champagne

Blood & Champagne




Tell Her She’s Dreaming

tell her shes dreaming


Sundance Lockers



Mr. B’s Luminaries is a sweet little candle operation run by an adorable family, with some serious style. The idea for Mr. B’s was conceived shortly after the husband and wife team had their first child. The duo began crafting pretty little handmade candles as gifts for loved ones using empty baby food jars.

Mr. B’s uses only the finest fair trade products including french lavender, rosemary citrus, eucalyptus, fir, cedar, and lemon grass. In addition, the family uses US organic soy wax to create these all natural little luxuries.

Be sure to check them out here. Their website is quite dreamy, so be prepared to stay awhile.  Also, it appears they are opening a shop in San Diego for all you folks in the area.

I ordered one candle this morning to get my collection started! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Great gifts for the holidays!

*if you are a user of Instagram, follow Mr. B’s @mrbsluminaries.  Believe me, they won’t disappoint!

Mr B

Great Pretenders

If the idea of time-consuming and labor intensive wall writing makes you shiver, these great pretenders just might do the trick.  Script wallpaper is an option which will yield the same look and feel without all the planning and man hours associated with the handwritten displays featured in yesterday’s post.

Script Sewn Text - Tracy Kendall

Midsummer Night’s – Anthropologie


Script by Albany – Wallpaper Direct



Pretty Paper

These days wallpaper gets a bad rap. When considering wallpaper, most might remember the musty old floral and plaid paper adorning their great aunts walls. Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper can be quite pretty. If done right, pretty papers can make a room by helping to define a space or add some texture and warmth. The following designs are just a few I’m loving at the moment. Wouldn’t the last two be so sweet in a little girl’s room?


Source Unknown


Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor




Burke Decor