Facile Flora

I love the feel of live plants in the home though I am quite terrible at live plant care.  Low maintenance plants such as succulents, airplants, and ferns are great options for us hurried horticulturists.  Since these plants require so little care, creative options are abundant.

apartment therapyApartment Therapy

PoppytalkPoppy Talk

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Great Pretenders

If the idea of time-consuming and labor intensive wall writing makes you shiver, these great pretenders just might do the trick.  Script wallpaper is an option which will yield the same look and feel without all the planning and man hours associated with the handwritten displays featured in yesterday’s post.

Script Sewn Text - Tracy Kendall

Midsummer Night’s – Anthropologie


Script by Albany – Wallpaper Direct



Not Your Grandma’s Folding Chairs

Let me start by setting the scene…you’re awating company, you’ve cleaned your home for what seems like hours, cooked a divine meal, and set a gorgeous table, only to ruin it all by pulling out those dingy metal hand-me-down folding chairs.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.  Say goodbye to those rusty old basement dwellers and hello to these seriously stylish seats.

Folding Chairs

1. Lina Leather   2. Ballard’s Cafe   3.  Fab 60’s   4. Soma Classics

5.  Anthropologie   6.  Ikea   7.  Country Casual

Gushing Over Galleries

I’ve configured and reconfigured imaginary gallery walls throughout our house since becoming a homeowner.  While renovating our foyer (blogged here) allowed me the opportunity to create a small wall of photos and art, it did not calm my craving for the real deal.

I first fell in love with the concept of a gallery wall while perusing  images of Kate and Andy Spade’s home tour over on The Selby.

Though gallery walls come in many styles and compositions, I tend to favor walls that are composed of art, personal photographs, and unique finds, yielding a more eclectic look.

What types of galleries make your heart pitter patter?

young house love

Young House Love

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                                                 Apartment 34

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Source Unknown

long pendent

                                               Inspired Wives

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 Apartment Therapy  

Dream Green DIY

                                               Dream Green DIY

Porch Envy

This weekend, my amzing mother started painting our front porch as a much needed aniversary gift to my husband and I. The transformation is causing me to appreciate the space and wish we put it to more use. I hate to admit it, but the front porch swing has gone unswung since we moved in four years ago. Well, thats all about to change. As the air begins to get crisp I invision our family sipping a cup of coffee or sharing a meal our on that wooden throne. In the meantime, I leave you with some front porch inspiration.

Lonny Mag

Lonny Magazine


Southern Living

cowboy front porch

Southern Living