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Oversized Ode to Love

I have a weakness for pretty lettering.  To me, nothing compares to beautifully handwritten correspondence.  There is something so special about the handwritten quotes and love letters below, which have been creatively featured as wall art.    I would love to have the lyrics to our wedding song (Ray LaMontange – You are the Best Thing) or the letters we drafted for each other on our wedding day carefully drawn on our bedroom wall.  Words so sweet and so true, would act as a great reminder each morning upon waking and each night before closing our eyes.




Two Weeks

It has been 2 weeks since my father left this earth, suddenly, with no notice, leaving no opportunity to say goodbye, tell him I love him, or how thankful I am for the wonderful life he gave me.  For the past few days I’ve grappled with myself over writing this post.  The thought of a post so personal didn’t really sit well, but neither did simply returning to blogging as usual as if I had been away on holiday or simply busied with everyday life.  In the coming days, weeks, months, and decades I will see my father in many places.  My father’s image will be with me every time I look in the mirror, whenever I see my brother and of course down the road when we both have children.  Memories of my father’s larger than life personality will come flooding back with every passing R. Kelly song (weird, I know) or poorly timed politically incorrect joke.  I look forward to experiencing those moments with a warm heart knowing I spent 27 mostly great years with such a unique, kind, and fun-loving dad.

me and dad sleeping

me and dad

me and dad 2


Two Down Forty-Eight to Go…


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I decided to take a risk and create another personal post as yesterday was a big day in the Deegan house.  Yesterday we celebrated our two-year wedding aniversary…kind of.  Our celebration consisted of me working late and Kevin watching sports, USA soccer to be exact.  Dinner consisted of chips and salsa and whatever refrigerator concoction we could create and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Many people say their wedding day was the happiest day of their lives.  I can’t say I agree.  While our wedding was a wonderful day, I tend to favor the days when it’s just me and my husband lounging, laughing, and enjoying each other’s quiet company.  Those days typically begin with breakfast at our favorite diner, followed by a little house cleaning, my favorite recorded on the record player, and of course a whole lot of goofy dancing.  Those are the days that get me through each busy week, work deadline, and life stress.

In honor of our two years married, I thought I would share some memories of our wedding with all of you.

Our wedding featured in Style Me Pretty

Some Wedding & Engagement Photos

And if you’re really into it…our full length wedding film (my favorite 14 minutes and 2 seconds)